Clean, fit, free.


Clean, fit, free. Alex, 21, student, england via austrailia. Clean eating, vegan, weight loss and fitness.
This will be a collection of motivation and the story of my progress.
I am trying to do this the healthy way. Trying.


HW - 165/ 11st 11lb (Jan 2011)

(Lost almost two stone, 25 lb, then moved country, lost my way, gained back 12lb. Boo! But I’m back, this time it’ll stick)

SW - 154 lb/ 11st (March 2012)

CW - 145/ 10st 5lb (March 2012)

GW1 - 147/ 10st 7lb [BY 28th APRIL] DONE!
GW2 - 140/ 10st
GW3 - 133/ 9st 7 lb
UGW - 126/ 9st.. when I'm happy when I look in the mirror :)

Progress blog -
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